Core Team
  • Paul Lee, M.D
    Founder & CEO
    Paul is a clinician, scientist, and an entrepreneur. As a graduate of University of Oxford with a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry, he received an M.D. from The School of Medicine at Catholic University of Korea. Paul is also a graduate of Futuremed at Singularity University 2013 and Exponential Medicine 2014. Paul also cofounded JNP LAB in Seoul that acts as a development hub for global exponential technologies.
  • Joshua Hong
    Cofounder & CSO
    Josh is a serial, internet-media, and blockchain entrepreneur and a venture capitalist. He worked at Accenture as technology and corporate strategy consultant. He won the Orange County Business Journal’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship and 40 under 40 Award in 2010. He also founded and chaired YPO Singularity University Seminar, which was awarded one of the highest rated educational programs in YPO, Young President’s Organization. He has a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University and an M.B.A. from University of Chicago Booth School of Business.
  • John Doe
    Chief Scientist
    John has been researching and developing artificial intelligence software for over 10 years. At Carnegie Mellon University, he began learning languages such as Scheme, Lisp, and C. Afterwards, John began researching and developing artificial intelligence technology. John’s mission has been to pioneer the development of the world’s first true artificial intelligence.
  • Reeyan Lee
    Reeyan became proficient in diverse disciplines, including consumer facing software, banking backbones, RFID, and healthcare. Reeyan has held senior positions at GE Healthcare as a lead architect and as a lead iOS developer. Reeyan now works to develop a new artificial intelligence paradigm, to change the world.
  • Dave Lee
    Dave is Mind AI’s CPO focusing on human being and technology. As a graduate of Hongik University, recognized as the top institute by the Asia IT industry, he has built his career as an UX and product expert by leading projects in business networking services, healthcare and social commerce. Thinking constantly about providing convenience to the world and making their lives smoother, he has taken a step further as a product specialist in AI technology and has been with Mind AI since its inception. His dream is to create the Iron Man's Jarvis.
  • Isaac Bang
    Project Lead
    Isaac is a technologist with an expertise in product management and product strategy. He has experience designing and shipping products in blockchain, gaming, digital health, and AI. Most recently, he was heading up product for all features involving crypto and NFTs at IMVU, one of Silicon Valley’s first 3D metaverse companies. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and a B.A. in Economics from UCLA.
  • Ron Kamnuanthip
    Regional Managing Director, Mind AI SEA
    Ron is a business leader with digital business transformation, and management experiences from FMCG, Media & Entertainment industries with multi-national companies, ie. Unilever, Nippon Lever (Japan), Pepsico, Promotional Partners Worldwide, and Universal Music. Ron graduated in Computer Engineering from Chulalongkorn University, with MBA from Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration (exchange study at Kellogg Management School, Northwestern University), and IGLP (Institute of Global Law and Policy) certificate from Harvard Kennedy School. Ron has a strong passion to bring technologies to help people improve their well-beings, discover new way of workings, and capitalize on new business opportunities to the fullest.
  • Christopher Jensen, M.D.
    Chief Advisor for Healthcare
    For the last two years in Thailand, Christopher’s role was as Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer of a newly acquired asset, and an all encompassing from the ground up Medical longevity, preventative medicine, lifestyle and wellbeing project which Christopher founded and created. Christopher is currently the Chief Strategy Officer for Longevity Tech and, and forming Banda representation in Asia. Christopher’s consulting group is working with numerous investors and institutions, and this includes the top wellness companies in the world, and numerous >10BN USD UHNW individuals. Christopher is also the personal physician or medical advisor to many of these top global business leaders. He is also a founding member of the Healthy Longevity Medical Society at The National University of Singapore (NUS). His most recent role was Medical Director/ CMO of Octave Institute and Sangha, the largest integrated wellness resort in Asia.
  • Jingtao Xu
    Principal Lisp Engineer
    Jingtao hails from HangZhou, a beautiful, scenic city in southeast China. The beginning of his long career in computer software, he learned how to use the computer by reading and writing low level assembly language, the language of the machine itself. Then he worked in digital security companies for a time. In recent years Jingtao learned and began programming using several Lisp dialects, and was interested in compiler parsing and in what was known as literate programming. Other than the screen, he likes to walk, meditate, and read books in his spare time, expanding his horizons.
  • Nazira Kaibalina
    ML Engineer
    Nazira is a computer science graduate interested in Natural Language Processing (NLP). She received her M.E. in Computer Engineering from Kyung Hee University, South Korea. Her research focused on various NLP problems such as low-resource morphological analysis, text summarization, and question answering and resulted in several publications. Nazira received her B.S. in Computer Science from Nazarbayev University, one of the top universities in Kazakhstan that provides students with an education based on the American model. Outside work, Nazira enjoys outdoor sports, playing guitar, and learning new languages.
  • Thana Anans
    Lead Thai Data Linguist
    Thana graduated with BA and MA in linguistics from Thailand. Areas of her interest are acoustic phonetics, psycholinguistics, and computational linguistics. Her six years of experience as a research assistant working with linguistic, engineering, and the medical team made her become more fascinated with language and technology. Now, Thana has a bigger challenge as a Thai Ontologist at Mind AI educating AI to talk with the world. She's always a good learner and doesn't stop learning.
  • Joon Jeon
    Korean Data Linguist
    Joon is a Korean Ontologist with multiple backgrounds. He worked as a hotel manager in Japan, a cook in America, a data engineer in Korea, a translator, an interpreter, and an English teacher. He has a BA in Hospitality Management from the University of New Hampshire and is currently pursuing an MA in Korean education at Korea University. His future research will focus on analyzing Korean for deep learning AIs. Always curious about teaching Korean beyond humankind, Joon joined Mind AI as a Korean Ontologist to expand the possibilities of Korean AI.
  • Arocha Mahattawong
    Lead Thai AIOps
    Arocha graduated a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Thailand and a master’s degree from the University of Kent in Business Analytics. Arocha used to be a Business/Business Intelligence Analyst and Data Scientist before joining Mind AI. She had opportunities to join many projects within numerous top firms in Thailand such as in the Telecommunication and Banking fields. To be a part of the Mind AI team, Arocha will use all of her skills and knowledge in tech and business to grow together with the company. Lastly, Arocha has the passion to deliver an effective product and fulfill the customer’s needs to the highest points of customer satisfaction.
  • Anchalika Kraiboriruk
    Lead Thai AIOps
    Anchalika is a Lead Thai AIOps at Mind AI. She has worked in various roles, including business strategy, data analysis, and project management. She got B.E. in computer engineering from Kasetsart University, Thailand. After graduating, she joined the leadership project in CP Group, a big company in Thailand. And from this program, she got the experience to work with many types of people. Anchalika enjoys trying new things to expand her mind and find new passions. At Mind AI, she hopes that she will be a part of the team to develop innovations helping people have a better life.
  • Trawatee Bootkaew
    Thai Data Linguist
    Trawatee has been working as a linguist for several years. She received a BA majoring in Spanish language and literature from Chulalongkorn University, one of the top universities in Thailand. She has been interested in languages since she was a child. After some years in the tourism industry, she began her career as a linguist in a multinational technology company. She participated in implementing NLP projects for voice bots (e.g. in speech recognition, text-to-speech synthesis, syntactic parsing, named entity recognition, NLU, NLG, etc.). While working as a full-time linguist, she also worked as a part-time translator. Trawatee joins Mind AI as a linguistic annotator to develop NLP algorithms for AI to communicate with the world. Apart from work, Trawatee enjoys nature traveling, listening to music, and learning foreign languages.
  • Piyawan Kwansong
    Thai Data Linguist
    Piyawan has a passion for languages and artificial intelligence. She graduated her studies in Thai language and literature and also studied the Korean language. She has been working as a linguist for many years and has experience in NLP focusing on word segmentation, morphology, syntax, and dependency relations. Piyawan joined Mind AI as a Thai Linguistic Annotator to contribute to the development of Thai NLP.
  • Sirinya Chaiophat
    Thai Data Linguist
    Sirinya has been working as a linguist after graduating in linguistics from Thailand. She has experience in several projects on natural language processing and understanding, e.g., in word segmentation, POS tagging, syntactic parsing, entity annotations as well as system quality development, improvement, and evaluation. With her linguistic background and expertise of over 6 years, she joined Mind AI as a Thai Linguistic Annotator to contribute to the development of NLP in artificial intelligence.
  • Natapon Pantuwong
    Senior ML Engineer
    Natapon has a strong background in human-computer interaction, pattern recognition, machine learning, and parallel computing. He graduated from KMITL with a B.Eng. (first-class honors) and an MS degree, and the University of Tokyo with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and information systems. He began his career and worked for 11 years as an assistant professor at KMITL's Faculty of Information Technology. After leaving academia, he worked as a consultant for machine learning and natural language processing organizations in a number of countries, with an emphasis on Thai datasets.
  • Gwanghoon Yoo
    Chief Computational Linguist
    GwangHoon is a Computational Linguist who worked as a Linguistic Project Manager to develop an AI chatbot for a conglomerate. He has an M.A. in Computational Linguistics (Linguistics and Cognitive Science) from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, and has enthusiastically researched NLP topics such as sentiment analysis and chatbot development. He has cemented the crucial qualities of a Computational Linguist by writing academic papers and attending international and national conferences for research presentations. He joined Mind AI to develop Transparent and Ethical AI.
  • Methinee Aungsuwattanakul
    Thai Data Linguist
    Methinee graduated with BA and MA in Thai language. She has been a lecturer for 6 years teaching basic Thai subjects and teaching creativity and communication. Two years ago, she started working as a Thai linguist with a start-up company. She’s passionate about  helping artificial intelligence understand the Thai language. Now, she challenges herself once again to the role of Thai Ontologist at Mind AI. She believes that everyone has their own story, and she hopes that she will inspire her juniors and students to create their stories as well.
  • Nicky Chatsarun
    Executive Assistant at Mind AI Southeast Asia
    Chatsarun is an Executive Assistant at Mind AI Southeast Asia. She has extensive experiences from entertainment, publishing, and healthcare industries. Chatsarun received her bachelor’s degree in Business Arts (Japanese) from Assumption University of Thailand. She has been working in marketing communications, public relations, events, and business development for several years. She also worked as Head of e-commerce at CHAME’, one of the fastest-growing dietary supplement brands in Thailand. She loves to learn new things and explore new experiences.
  • Yihan Zhou
    AI Scientist
    Yihan is a language researcher and NLP engineer. He will soon obtain a PhD degree from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he conducted research on languages using mathematical models, computer programs, and psycholinguistic experiments. He has also received AI internship offers from two Fortune 500 companies. Inspired by Mind AI's vision, he joins the company with the commitment to go beyond deep learning and build a reasonable and transparent AI system. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, playing football, and participating in outdoor activities.
  • Claire
    Lead AIOps Engineer
    Claire holds a Bachelor’s in French and English Language and Literature and a Master’s in Cultural Policies. As a polyglot, she has been intrigued by how humans communicate using different languages and make sense of the world around them. Her research focused on the public collaboration of Public Arts in Greater Paris. After gaining diverse professional experiences in research, sales, and education, she joined Mind AI as an ontologist to help educate the AI. Her recent fields of interest include NLP, data analytics, and data consulting.
  • Siriyakorn Lueangloed
    Thai Data Linguist
    Siriyakorn earned a bachelor’s degree with second-class honors in linguistics from Thammasat University. She has a strong passion for languages and linguistics. Siriyakorn has experience as a research assistant. Drawing on her experience and a particular interest in pragmatics, she joined MIND AI as a Thai Ontologist to be a part of the driving gear to improve the understanding of Thai language for AI
  • Weerapat Supap
    Lead Frontend Engineer
    Weerapat is a Software Engineer, he has a B.E. in Computer Engineering from Thailand. He had work experience with big companies in Thailand with over 10 years in Frontend development, extensive experience in modern Frontend Frameworks, Analytics tools, Crafting responsive websites, he loves coding and enjoy working in cultural diversity environment.
  • Kritsadha Phatcharoen
    Thai Data Linguist
    Kritsadha is a Thai ontologist who is responsible for the technical field of ontology work because of his background in Natural Language Processing. He holds a bachelor's degree in Language Technology and Information from the Faculty of Arts at Chulalongkorn University. With his major, he has gained experience doing many successful projects per semester in either linguistics or information and has graduated with a senior project in the phonetics and phonology field. When faced with MIND AI's perspective of wanting to change the world for the better and with his attitude of being always ready to seek new experiences, eager to learn new things, loving challenges, and not wanting to stop improving himself, Kritsadha decided to start working with MIND AI as a Thai ontologist.
  • HaEun Kim
    Korean Data Linguist
    Ha-eun has degrees in English education and Korean language education on top of her Bachelor’s degree in English studies. She has a great interest in the language that connects people to the world. She joined Mind AI looking for various things to challenge based on linguistic knowledge. As a Korean Onotolgist, She feels great pleasure in learning new things and finding things that she can contribute to AI development.
  • Steven Frank Collins
    Senior Lisp Engineer
    Steven is working as a Senior Lisp Engineer at Mind AI with over 10 years of experience with Lisp (mainly with the Lisp dialect Clojure) and 15 years of experience in agile and test-driven development. He holds a bachelor's degree in information- and communication technology and is especially interested in planning and problem-solving with intelligent agents as well as natural language processing.
  • HyeJu Park
    General Affairs
    After graduating from music school, HyeJu became interested in HR and General Affairs via her Job experience in Financial Enterprise. With her interest and experience, her goal is to improve her colleagues’ job efficiency and the growth of Mind AI. Her interest also expands to singing and visiting art fairs.
  • Hyerin Jeon
    AIOps Engineer
    Hyerin was introduced to data analytics and programming while studying sociology and economics as an undergraduate. She then became fascinated by programming as a way to create services that people actually want to use. Since joining Mind AI as an AI Ops engineer, she has been focusing on building CAIs that can have more natural conversations while incorporating services that clients need.
  • Jakkratorn Phanchaweng
    QA Engineer
    He is a skilled QA engineer with expertise in testing processes, automation frameworks, web and mobile testing. With a background in computer engineering and over two years of experience in both big companies and startups, he excels in ensuring software quality through thorough testing, efficient automation, and collaboration with cross-functional teams. Passionate about delivering high-quality software solutions, he continually enhances his skills to contribute to project success.
  • Lara Espinosa
    English Data Linguist
    Lara holds a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education from the University of Santo Tomas. As a professional licensed teacher, she served as an English Instructor for senior high school students. Lara has transitioned into the AI field, driven by a desire to contribute to the ever-evolving world of technology. Recognizing the immense potential of artificial intelligence, she aspires to utilize her expertise in linguistics in enhancing user and client experiences through innovative AI solutions
  • Chanwoo Song
    Lead Data Linguist
    Chanwoo majored in Korean language and received his master's degree with a thesis on educational corpus building and lexical analysis. He started his career in NLP by participating in national projects such as building linguistic data for AI training and building parallel corpora. Since then, he has gained work experience handling linguistic data in various domains such as finance, entertainment, culture and arts, common sense, and games. He joined MindAI to apply his experience and linguistic knowledge to help create AI that benefits humanity. He enjoys uncovering hidden knowledge and insights through data analysis and defining phenomena.
  • Abraham Isaac S. Ngo
    Data Project Manager
    Abraham graduated with honors from De La Salle University - Manila with a bachelor's degree in secondary education, major in English. He is a licensed professional teacher and has over 4 years of teaching experience in English grammar and literature, as well as creative writing. As Mind AI's lead English ontologist, Abraham manages the development, maintenance, and improvement of English ontologies to enable users to easily and seamlessly interact with CAIs using natural language. He also works closely with AIOps engineers to manage projects and ensure that CAIs are built according to the needs of clients and their businesses. Currently, he's interested in researching various industries to discover how AI can be used to improve business processes.
  • Mauricio Bermudez
    ML Engineer
    Mauricio graduated as M.Sc in Artificial Intelligence from Kyungpook National University, South Korea. During his master’s degree, he successfully conducted various research projects related to computer vision and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Prior to that, Mauricio received his B.S. in Bio-Mechatronics from Instituto Politecnico Nacional in Mexico, where he explored his passion for robots and microprocessors. His multidisciplinary professional background led him to join Mind AI as an NLP Engineer. Mauricio enjoys playing retro video games, listening to podcasts, drinking coffee, and visiting cute places
  • Hyomin Min
    Korean Data Linguist
    Hyomin studied English language, literature and psychology during her undergraduate years. During her Master’s program, she further studied linguistics, with an emphasis on syntax and psycholinguistics. Her main research interest lies in understanding how language is formed, processed, and represented in the human mind, as well as in the computational modeling of human language processing. She joined Mind AI with the goal of developing a truly human-like AI that can benefit all walks of life and contribute to building a better society.
  • Chaima Deneche
    AIOps Engineer
    Chaima graduated from a Science Baccalaureate to pursue a Bachelor of Computer Science with a Software Engineering option at the University of Constantine II, Algeria. After being awarded the GKS scholarship, she obtained a Master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Sogang University in Seoul, with a thesis focused on recommendation systems. Her knowledge of Arabic, English, French, and Korean languages, broadens her possibilities of access to different cultural fields, understanding the expression of their needs and enabling her to develop AI solutions that resonate with global audiences.
  • Eunice A. Rato
    English Data Linguist
    Eunice, an educator turned corporate professional, taught English in the Philippines and Thailand before transitioning to different roles as a surveillance report writer and a communications coordinator. Now, as an English Ontologist at Mind AI, she's delving into the tech industry, deepening her expertise in artificial intelligence and drawing on her diverse background to drive meaningful progress in the development of CAIs.
  • Chotika Pitimongkonkarn
    AIOps Engineer
    Chotika recently received her degree in Korean with a minor in information studies from Chulalongkorn University's Faculty of Arts. She has background experience in the field of chatbots, as a chatbot coordinator during her internship. Throughout her time in the university, Chotika also worked as a Korean and Japanese to Thai translator and editor during her university life which highlight how to communicate meaning to readers while considering language, context, culture, and emotion. These experiences help her to develop solutions considering language and enhance user experiences. In her current role at MIND AI, Chotika is motivated to provide positive experiences for users and customers through the company's products.
  • Chayathorn Apichattham
    AIOps Engineer
    Chayathorn earned a bachelor's degree with first-class honors in Robotics and AI engineering from King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang. While studying in the engineering field, he had a chance to attend a UX/UI course. He found it interesting how the user experience point of view can shape a better service for clients. Since he was interested in UX/UI and passionate about Natural Language Processing, he developed a chatbot as his final project to serve people's needs with great experience. From his experiences and interests, he joined MIND AI as an AIOps engineer to build CAIs so that users can have an incredible natural conversation experience and fulfill their needs.
  • Wasu Jaijangreed
    AIOps Engineer
    Wasu graduated in engineering and has four years of experience in both production and mechanical engineering roles. Currently contributing to the AI operations team, he demonstrates an unwavering commitment to ongoing learning and a keen enthusiasm for cutting-edge technologies, showcasing a passion for staying at the forefront of the rapidly evolving field.
Team Experience